ACA 2011 Discus Winner

Florida Discus is your home for World Champion Ricky Lim Discus in America.  We are honored to be the importer of Ricky Lim Discus to the United States.

There is something about a discus that hypnotizes anyone that sees them.  Their brilliant colors, gently gliding through the water, their eyes that seem to take in everything.  They draw you in and quickly become the star of any fresh-water tank.

We think you’ll quickly see, Ricky Lim Discus are truly exquisite fish.  Discus are so unique in their own right, and a Ricky Lim Discus elevates them to magnificent status.  We are so honored and blessed to be selected by Ricky as the exclusive importer to the United States.




Florida Discus is proud to offer a full line of superior quality Ricky Lim discus imported from Malaysia.
The Online Shop at Florida Discus is now open! We sell discus supplies for all your tanks.


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